Manufacturer’s representatives for over 30 years,
Hart brings quality furniture and architectural products to Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Focused on providing exceptional service and support to clients.

Jesse Hart

Jesse grew up in a suburb of Kansas City, KS. He was introduced to the industry at a young age putting together furniture binders for his parents. Jesse worked in the accounting/finance industry after college but soon realized his passion for sales. He moved to Texas and began working in the family business. Jesse enjoys playing recreational ice hockey and traveling.

Gary Hart


Gary has more than 30 years of industry experience. He started HART in 1981. He moved the company and his family to Kansas City in 1987. Gary grew the territory over the years to include a five-state span, including Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and southern Illinois, and to represent both furniture and interior-architecture-product manufacturers. He expanded Hart Associates to the south as well, and started a Texas operation in 1992. Gary is proud to have all four of his children in the business (all four have worked for him and three still do). When he isn’t working, Gary enjoys grilling/cooking, yard work, spending time with his grandchildren, and even more family time.

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